How to Apply

How to Apply

Applications for the Schoenfeld Competition can be completed completely ONLINE. In order to be considered for the competition, we require everyone to sign up for an account. If you have any questions, please direct them to

STEP 1 : Sign Up for an account. Applicants may edit and update their information on their personal account.

*Chamber groups will sign up for only one account.

** If you wish to apply to more than one group or division, you must create an account for each application under a different username/ID.

STEP 2 : Once you are logged into your account, you have the option to upload your Prescreening YouTube playlist to us.

STEP 3 : We require the application fee to be sent as a direct wire transfer from your bank to ours. The bank information will be available inside your account.

STEP 4 : SEND us the information. Please double check all your information (address, name, etc.) and click the UPDATE button. Applicants will be able to monitor their application status on their accounts.

STEP 5 : Email a photocopy of your passport and the receipt of your application fee to

Deadline for Applications : March 30, 2018