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Chamber Music

Chamber Music

The Division of Chamber Music is open to the ensembles with the following instrumental settings:

1.Piano trio               [violin, cello, piano]

2.String quartet [two violins, viola, cello]

3.Piano quartet [violin, viola, cello, piano]

No individual may enter or compete in more than one ensemble, including the pre-screening round. Changes in personnel will NOT be allowed once the entry is received by the competition office. 

The average age of ensemble members must not exceed 35 years on July 15,  2020. 

Due to the global impact of Covid-19, deadline of applying the competition is extended.  The application fee is waived with amendments of pre-screening requirement for the applicants who may have difficulties of preparing materials.

Extended Application Deadline

May 15th, 2020 

Candidates must register directly on our website.  For all questions or issues regarding registration, please contact us at the following address:

Application Fee: Waived
  •   Repertoire List for Pre-screening Round (Online Submission with Video Link)
    1. Any three contrasting movements choose from three different works of the following periods (one must be slow movement):

      Baroque Period (c. 1600 - 1730)

      Classical Period (c. 1730 - 1830)

      Romantic Period (c. 1830 - 1900)

      20th Century (c. 1890 - 1950)

      Contemporary (Composed after 1950, published works only)

  •   Technical Requirement for Video Recording
    1. •Recent (less than 3 years) and high-quality file, containing the required programme for the preliminary audition only (no advertisement within the video).

      •Pieces must be recorded in their entirety and must be UNEDITED (no cuts). Microphones should be positioned at a distance allowing to obtain a good sound quality. The video must be filmed from the front, using a fixed and wide camera angle; interpreter must always remain visible.

      •For the piece with piano, both players must be visible.

      •Movements must be indexed (compulsory).

      •Public recordings are accepted if they meet the recording conditions stated above.

      •It is allowed to provide separate recordings for each piece, recorded in various place and time.

      •It is highly recommended to take into consideration the quality of the sound, to allow the Jury to have the best possible judgement.

  •   Final Round (Live competition in Harbin)
    1. Maximum 5 ensembles

      1. A complete chamber work of the Classical Period 

      2. One movement from a chamber work of the Romantic Period

      3. One movement from a chamber work of the following period: 

      •20th Century 

      •Contemporary (Composed after 1950, published works only)

      *Repertoire of the Final Round could be same as the ensemble’s pre-screening choice.